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Meet The Team

Our registered massage therapists are passionate about helping you clear your mind and restore your body. We are your one-stop destination for alternative health remedies and treatments to improve your overall wellbeing. 

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Sarah Lane


Sarah has a great passion for health and wellness! Her 3000 hour program in Advanced Clinical Therapeutic Massage has lead to many oportunities in the massage therapy field. Her hands on experience has proven that it is possible for a fast recovery. 

Sarah has taken a strong interest in her massage therapy training for sports injuries, rehabilitation and over all maintenance focusing her work on deep tissue and myofascial release.

"Being able to help care for and educate others, allowing them to better their over all health is what I strive for"

Shirley Damberger


Combining a lifelong interest in wellness with an extensive clinical treatment background,
Shirley is a therapist that gets results. Her work has focused on helping clients recover from surgery, increase the range of motion, improve postural integrity, reduce pain and promote overall wellbeing.

She is a well-rounded practitioner trained in several modalities including a Certification in Thai Massage Therapy from the Sacred Asia School of Massage, Oncology Massage, Dynamic Cupping, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Global Health Systems and Environmental Medicine.

She feels called to share this knowledge and experience as both a therapist and a passionate, an award-winning instructor, having taught thousands of practitioners in various  courses of Osteology, Myology and Arthrology, Gross Anatomy, and Body-Mind Connection.


Dalton Boyce


Dalton moved to Calgary from Lethbridge, Alberta to study Massage Therapy. This has provided him with 3,000 hours of training which is 800 hours more than the requirement of the profession.

This advanced program has given him the ability to work with a wide variety of challenging conditions concerning the body, assuring client satisfaction. During his spare time, Dalton enjoys hiking in the Rocky Mountains with his wife, Erin and helping the less fortunate.

“To be able to improve the health and lifestyle of individuals is my greatest passion. I am constantly pursuing knowledge to help those in need and take their health, body and mind to the next level. Helping make a difference in any way I can is what I take pride in” – Dalton Boyce

Michael Dingman


Michael graduated from Foothills College of Massage Therapy in 2007. He practiced at Monterey Chiropractic for six years, specializing in patients with injuries from motor vehicle accidents and other rehabilitation massage. In 2013, Michael went back to school to obtain his 3,000-hour diploma in massage therapy at MaKami College. At MaKami, he discovered a passion for not only practicing massage therapy but also teaching others. Teaching massage therapy has augmented his effectiveness in his massage practice.

Throughout his 10+ year career, he has further expanded his knowledge in modalities including myofascial release, Thai massage, joint play, orthopedic assessment, and Temporal mandibular joint dysfunction intra oral work. He is a firm believer that “one shoe does not fit all”, so he continues to grow in his studies to develop treatment plans that are most effective for each individual client.

Brandy Jordan


Brandy has always had a love for massage therapy and helping people. After finally deciding it was the path she wanted to take, she enrolled in Makami College and graduated the 3000 hr. Advanced Clinical Therapeutic Massage program. 
Brandy continues to read and educate herself. She has a strong desire to one day be working with sports teams and sports injuries, doing rehabilitation and maintenance with the players.
She has three smart and beautiful daughters, who have enjoyed learning human anatomy and weird facts about the body.
“I love that I am able to share my love of massage and healing with my girls. They enjoy getting massaged and are getting good at giving them too... haha”


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Your body deserves more than the occasional prescription medication and annual blood work. Our experienced massage therapists can nurture your heart, soul, body, and mind so that you thrive in all aspects of your life. If you're ready to treat your whole being with an individualized treatment plan that works, contact us to get started on the path to healing.

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